• Skyhook Opens Location Data Firehose, Offered As “SpotRank” For Developers

    I’ve always had a keen interest in Skyhook Wireless.  The company has been building a massive database of location information since its founding over 7 years ago.  Dubbed “XPS,” its location gathering technology combines GPS, cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi positioning to create the “first true hybrid positioning system.” With location being the hottest topic …   Read More

  • Main Focus Of This Year’s SXSW: Mobile Location

    There’s usually a central theme accompanying every SXSW, with this year’s theme undeniably being location-oriented mobile services.  Beyond being a main topic of conversation, this year’s event is proving to be a battle ground for players in the location game large and small to duke it out. Since Friday, over a dozen services have launched …   Read More