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    Video: mobileStorm Talks mHealth At MMA Forum, Details SMS Case Study With Kaiser Permanente

    Today at the MMA Forum in Los Angeles, executives from mobileStorm — a digital communications company — detailed findings of a recent mobile healthcare report the company commissioned as well as an impressive pilot program for Kaiser Permanente. Talking about the complicated nature of today’s healthcare system and how mobile innovation can dramatically help nearly …   Read More

  • Follow The Action At MMA Forum Los Angeles With Mobile Marketing Watch

    Mobile Marketing Watch is live at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum in Los Angeles, covering all the action, announcements and news coming out of one of the biggest mobile events of the year. Follow our updates on Twitter @mobileMW.

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    CIGNA Creates Mobile Directory Of Health Providers

    The health insurance company CIGNA is making it much less daunting for its customers to find in-network specialists and figure the best place to buy their medications. CIGNA Mobile makes it much easier to find, say, a dermatologist or oncologist after a routine general checkup uncovers an odd-looking mole. Accessible by any Internet-capable phone, the …   Read More

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    Mobile Health Expo Winners: Consumer Privacy, Convenience Key

    Mobile health care both intrigues and frightens. The technology can streamline care and make it easier, for example by allowing remote access to health records and instant communications between patients and care-givers. But it also scares privacy advocates who worry that sensitive information might be displayed for all to see, possibly even be used for …   Read More

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    41% Want Mobile Healthcare: PricewaterhouseCoopers

    An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but an increasing number of Americans want their mobile phones and remote devices to do so. That’s what the intelligence firm PricewaterhouseCoopers says in its report, Healthcare Unwired, released today at the International mHealth Conference in San Diego. The firm surveyed 2,000 consumers and 1,000 physicians …   Read More

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    SMS For EMS

    Consumers with medical conditions can rest easier with the debut of an ID card that uses SMS, or text messaging, to alert emergency medical workers of patients’ histories. Called InvisibleBracelet or iB, this is how it works: Consumers sign up online for a $10 annual membership, and after receiving iB cards (which can be carried …   Read More

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    Mobile Devices Could Help Health Care Reform: Deloitte

    Health care reform may be a particularly American concern, but mobile technology may offer improvements to patients’ lives that everyone could appreciate. In a new Issue Brief, the firm Deloitte says mobile devices like smart phones can help consumers enhance their own, taking certain costs out of the health care system. Using electronic health records, …   Read More

  • Mobile Marketing For Healthcare Gains Steam Within Pharmaceutical Industry

    As mobile marketing evolves, we’re seeing the integrated concepts eek their way into other industries as well.  While SMS has increasingly been used in healthcare for various reasons, such as reminders for example, the concept of using mobile marketing hasn’t quite caught on, until now. EcoFiles, a new startup focusing on the unique concept of “Text to …   Read More

  • PayFlex Taking Employee Health Benefits Mobile

    PayFlex Systems, which administers nearly $1 billion in employee benefit transactions per year, today announced a new mobile app as part of a larger mobile application platform dubbed PayFlex Mobile. The new app is intended to bring various benefit-oriented information directly to employees, allowing them...

  • Kaiser Permanente Teams With mobileStorm For SMS Reminders, Sees 300% ROI

    Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plan, has teamed with mobileStorm, a digital marketing company with a decade of experience under its belt, to launch an innovative SMS-based patient reminder solution. Like most organizations, Kaiser was faced with the problem of needing to cut costs, and decided to target the most cost-sensitive areas of …   Read More