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    Sprint, BodyMedia Partner for Mobile Health Solutions

    Sprint has announced a new partnership with health monitoring systems provider BodyMedia and the result of which could be a newer, healthier you. At least that’s the pitch that Sprint and BodyMedia are trying to make in a clear effort to capitalize on the fitness frenzies that usually accompany the start of a new year …   Read More

  • Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) News Roundup

    Virtualization, EHR-Linked Devices, Mobile to Lead Healthcare IT in 2011 As we move into 2011, the Obama administration’s meaningful-use requirements governing health care IT and EHRs (electronic health records) will continue to influence how health care companies adopt technology to improve patient care. In 2010, companies began to purchase EHR applications, but in the coming …   Read More

  • Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) News Roundup

    Home Health Monitoring Was A $10 Billion Market In 2010 The worldwide market for home health monitoring of “welfare diseases” was worth about € 7.6 billion ($10 billion) in 2010, according to Berg Insight.  The conditions most commonly treated via these remote monitoring services include diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, sleep apnea, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease …   Read More

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    Google To Add Mobile Health Applications Category To Android Market

    Though Apple’s App Store boasts a “Healthcare & Fitness” category, the same has been lacking from Google’s Android market.  Rumor has it that may be changing, however. iMedicalApps.com is reporting Google is set to launch a brand new medical category within the Android Market as soon as today, according to “reliable sources.”  The post on …   Read More

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    8 Reasons Why mHealth Smartphones Apps Matter To The Pharmaceutical Industry

    As part of its comprehensive mobile healthcare report published recently, mobile research firm Research2Guidance published an interesting list of eight reason why health-related smartphone applications matter to the pharmaceutical industry. As smartphones and mobile applications in general continue to proliferate and eek their way into all aspects of our lives, pharmaceutical companies are finally taking …   Read More

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    Qualcomm Leveraging Its Vast Portfolio Of Technology To Advance Mobile Healthcare

    Though you may not realize it, Qualcomm is a company that has major influence in the mobile ecosystem.  The company’s processors and other mobile hardware and technology power numerous mobile devices across a wide spectrum. One area the company is using its influence and vast portfolio of mobile technology is mobile healthcare, or “mHealth.”  The …   Read More

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    Mimvi Debuts World’s First Discovery & Recommendation Engine For mHealth Apps

    Mimvi, a company that calls itself the world’s largest “pure-play search, discovery and recommendation engine” for mobile apps today launched a specialized search and discovery engine solely for mHealth apps. The launch comes right after a recent study by Research2Guidance that predicts the mobile healthcare market will grow exponentially to reach over 500 million mobile …   Read More

  • mHealth Boost In Q3 2010: Increased Venture Backing & 4 Major FDA Regulatory Clearances

    2010 has been a big year in the area of mHealth, with the market finally beginning to emerge from its “wait-and-see” attitude of the last several years.  Q3 2010 was particularly productive for the industry as venture backing in mHealth-related startups began to accelerate, while the FDA made four important regulatory clearances. Focusing on the latter, …   Read More

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    Interview: mobileStorm Exec Discusses The Mobile Healthcare Market And Its Challenges

    Following a presentation on mHealth at this year’s Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Los Angeles, I was able to catch up with mobileStorm EVP Ric Hattabaugh to discuss his thoughts on the mobile healthcare market, its challenges and the road ahead. Together with mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin, Hattabaugh — who also heads the company’s mobile …   Read More

  • Research: 500M Consumers Projected To Use Mobile Health Apps On Smartphones By 2015

    Research2guidance, a mobile research firm specializing in mobile healthcare, recently published a comprehensive research report entitled “Global Mobile Health Market Report 2010-2015,” which covers three key market dimensions: the smartphone market, the current state of the mHealth smartphone applications market and the mHealth outlook for 2015. According to the report, smartphone applications will be the …   Read More