• All Eyes Browsing New Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta

    The new Opera Mobile 9.7 beta has a lot of people talking and taking further attention away from competitor Safari, which lost its edge in the worldwide lead in mobile web browsing last month. Now, Opera is aiming to “accelerate the mobile browsing experience” for Windows Mobile-based phones. What it all boils down to is …   Read More

  • Skyfire Out Of Beta With 1.0 Mobile Web Browser

    Skyfire has been a leader in mobile browsers for a while now, and yesterday marked the long-awaited release of the 1.0 version of it’s full-Web enabled browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. The key difference with Skyfire remains the ability to support popular Web standards and plug-ins such as Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax and …   Read More

  • Are Mobile Web Browsers Limiting Mobile Search?

    Mobile search is an integral aspect of mobile marketing in many respects, but still, mobile browsers inhibit the use due to their core design. Of course the iPhone and other “full browsing” capable devices do a much better job these days, but looking at the...

  • Spotlight On Full Mobile Web Browsing In Barcelona

    A big theme this year at the Mobile World Conference has been an emphasis on full-web capable mobile browsing, and for good reason.  Not only is it key in the advancement of mobile devices, but also key in the development of mobile advertising. In addition...

  • Yahoo’s Mobile Expansion, The Key To Overtake Google?

    In an everlasting approach to overtake Google’s 61% mobile search market share, Yahoo is again stepping up it’s game and expanding it’s mobile presence by inking more search and display advertising deals with carriers in Asian markets. With these additions, Yahoo now has over 60 mobile search deals worldwide. All signed within the last 18 …   Read More

  • BRIC Attack

    When I used to write about hardware, the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) markets were often heralded as the solution for the overly-commoditized PC industry. Thanks to a rising middle class, government subsidies, and/or other factors, computer sales growth was much faster in these regions...

  • Thrrum’s “Mobile Visual Search” Via MMS Technology

    We’ve seen barcode and image recognition on mobile devices for some time now, but it’s never enjoyed mainstream success due to limitations such as having to download a special app, or use a technology that most devices don’t have currently. With the introduction of “Mobile...