• Mobile Continues To Change The Way We Connect, Communicate, And Do Business

    Adobe recently conducted a Mobile Benchmark Report to analyze the current state of all things mobile. The data from the report was gathered from over 10,000 websites and mobile apps and includes data from billions of internet visits to retail travel and other websites. On top of the general data gathered, Adobe also conducted a …   Read More

  • Size Does Matter: Adobe Weighs in on Smartphone Screens

    This week, MMW was privy to a new report from Adobe, which analyzes the latest mobile trends including Wi-Fi versus cellular usage, the correlation of screen size and browser market share, etc. Here’s one of the key findings that jumped out at us on Monday: the screen size of the next generation iPhone must increase …   Read More

  • The Mobile Browser is Lost at Sea?

    Mobile analytics company Flurry says that most mobile users now spend more time than ever before engaged with their smartphones and tablets. According to the latest industry data presented, time spent on a mobile device by the average U.S. consumer has climbed to 2 hours and 42 minutes per day from 2 hours and 38 …   Read More

  • Google Settles Safari Privacy Case with 37 States

    In the past, Google capitalized on a loophole in Safari’s privacy settings aimed at preventing placement of third-party cookies by default, using invisible forms to apparently mislead Safari into believing that users had legitimately interacted with the company’s ads and willingly allowed cookies to be housed on the device. This week, such actions finally caught …   Read More

  • Local Consumers Going Mobile and Flexing Multi-Channel Muscle

    On Wednesday, BIA/Kelsey shared with MMW the findings of its new consumer survey, which offers various insights into how local shoppers in the U.S. are likely to find, engage and transact with local-serving businesses. BIA/Kelsey and their research partner Ipsos found that 94 percent of the consumers surveyed have gone online for local shopping purposes …   Read More

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    iOS, Android Own Mobile Browsing in the United States

    iOS and Android now control 95% of all mobile web browsing in the United States. iOS, however, leads the way. That’s according to the findings of a new study from Quantcast and investment firm Piper Jaffray, which indicate that iOS  claims a 65 percent market share. By comparison, Android’s share of mobile browsing is just …   Read More

  • Google Asks: Is The Web Getting Faster?

    According to the latest data from Google, the speed at which mobile browser pages load continues to accelerate. Over the last twelve months, in fact, the speed of mobile browser page loading has increased 30%. “At Google,” the Internet search giant posted Monday, “we are passionate about speed and making the web faster. A faster …   Read More

  • Mozilla Working On Web Payments API for Firefox Mobile OS

    Mozilla is gearing up to show off something new in the world of Firefox. Get ready for navigator.mozPay(), an API that makes possible secure payment capabilities inside Web-based applications designed for the HTML5-based Firefox OS mobile OS. navigator.mozPay() is a JavaScript API inspired by google.payments.inapp.buy but modified for things like multiple payment providers and carrier …   Read More

  • Opera Acquires Rival Skyfire, Ending Mobile Browser Rivalry

    Nothing effectively ends a mobile browser rivalry like an acquisition of one competitor by the other. On Friday, Opera Software confirmed it has acquired mobile browser rival Skyfire Labs, an emerging leader in mobile video optimization and cloud solutions for mobility. Skyfire, however, is primarily known for its Rocket Optimizer software. Skyfire currently counts three …   Read More

  • Video: Opera Cool as ‘Ice’ with iOS, Android Mobile Web Browser

    Opera is busy working on its newest project, a WebKit-based mobile browser affectionately dubbed Opera Ice. As of this writing, it’s too early to determine if “Ice” is just an internal nickname or the new browser’s official moniker. CNET is reporting that the browser is reportedly designed for the screens of today’s leading iOS and …   Read More