• Hipcricket, Scanbuy to Roll Out Barcode Campaigns

    It’s being called a match made in mobile barcode heaven. Hipcricket and Scanbuy are teaming up for a new venture to offer companies and other mobile-savvy brands the opportunity and resources to launch barcode-enabled campaigns. As a result, clients have enhanced capabilities to “provide information, pictures of a product, or other rich media delivered when …   Read More

  • Bluefly Campaign Combines TV, Mobile Barcodes

    Television ads of yore used to urge viewers to “act now” in order to receive a free bamboo steamer with their knife order, or to grab limited merchandise before it’s gone. Bluefly, the online fashion retailer, is taking commercials to a new level of urgency, with mobile coupons that consumers can “scan” for clothes coupons …   Read More

  • Jack Daniel’s, JAGTAG Target Revelers

    Drunk texting can be a good thing. At least, that’s what Jack Daniel Distillery hopes. The purveyor of the Jack Daniel’s brand of whiskey has launched a mobile marketing campaign using 2D barcode service providers JAGTAG. “Back Jack” combines the aspects of different types of mobile marketing: It’s kind of game-like, in that there’s a bit …   Read More

  • MSKYNET Raises Seed Round For Innovative 2D Mobile Barcodes Or “SPARQCodes”

    Love them or hate them, mobile barcodes are beginning to eek their way into mainstream success.  A brand new startup, MSKYNET, has unveiled a brand new proprietary 2D barcode technology that promises to take things to the next level. Dubbed “SPARQCodes,” the new tech is similar to standard QR codes, but with a few key …   Read More

  • JAGTAG To Engage Moviegoers Nationwide With Interactive 2D Barcode Integration

    Whether you love or hate the idea of 2D barcodes, JAGTAG is steadily making a case for mainstream success using the medium.  The company is integrating its technology left and right, and has now partnered with NCM Media Networks to offer cinema advertisers a new way to interact with movie audiences using mobile devices. Using …   Read More

  • Mobile News Great For That Morning Commute

    Today the Chicago-based media company Tribune–which own papers like the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, and TV stations nationwide–made a rather dull announcement about promotions within its Interactive division. Well, dull until you distill the fluffy comments to a key phrase by one promotee. Said new vice president of product development Shawn Gannon, “We have a strong …   Read More

  • AT&T’s Tom Sawyer Approach To Barcodes

    Mischievous Tom Sawyer got the other boys to paint a fence for him because he was able to convince them, “It’s fun!” AT&T is doing something similar while, laudably, attempting to get mobile barcodes more widely accepted by American consumers. Today Big Blue announced AT&T Mobile Barcode Services, which works across multiple platforms. For businesses, …   Read More

  • QR Codes Put To Use For Gulf Relief, Helps Petition Gain 117,000 Signatures To Date

    QR codes are slowly making themselves known in mainstream applications, with a prime example being its use in a massive campaign centered around Gulf relief. Activist group Women of the Storm is rallying public support around Gulf restoration through its celebrity-backed Be the One campaign...

  • Mobile Barcodes Are Going Nowhere Unless The Big Players Start Using Them

    The wait has been on for years in terms of mass mobile barcode adoption.  Even though the massive potential in the concept exists, it’s still very much hindered by lack of consumer knowledge. This is what I’ve always said, and now it looks like barcode...

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    Apple Embracing NFC Technology for New E-Ticket Platform

    Electronic ticketing, while certainly not ubiquitous, has already become a familiar trend in many parts of the world. In the US, however, e-tickets are yet to become as popular as other digital offerings like mobile coupons. Apple, however, is looking to take e-tickets to the...