• QR Codes Are The New ‘It Thing’ of Mobile Marketing

    QR codes are the hottest tools in mobile marketing today. According to findings presented in the new Chief Marketer Mobile Marketing Survey, respondents steeped in marketing campaigns of all variety reveal that thy are “getting their messages into mobile primarily as a way to drive prospects or audiences to campaigns taking place elsewhere.” To that …   Read More

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    American Express Rolls Out Innovative Mobile Offer Engine

    American Express is trying something innovative with their mobile efforts. On Tuesday, the company launched what’s being hailed as an “industry first mobile offer engine.” The program, says American Express, recommends and ranks relevant merchant offers in real time for US Cardmembers based on their spending history and location. All of this information is combined …   Read More

  • Amtrak Joins The Mobile Club with Electronic Tickets

    Amtrak is on the express train of mobile technology. This week, the company announced that its passengers will soon be able to use electronic tickets for their travels aboard Amtrak. Riders will have the choice of either printing scannable tickets or loading a special bar code on their smartphone screens. iPhone-ready conductors will then be …   Read More

  • AT&T Extends Mobile Marketing Lifeline to Small Businesses

    Help is on the way. That’s the message from AT&T to America’s small business on Wednesday as the carrier confirms its latest effort to shore up the mobile faculties of its small biz customers. “In order to meet the growing customer demand for integrated marketing solutions,” the company says, “AT&T is extending Mobile Barcode Services …   Read More

  • Groupon Gobbles Up Ditto in Latest Daily Deal Giant Acquisition

    This week, daily deal giant Groupon announced that it is acquiring social recommendation and discovery app Ditto. For Groupon, this is just the latest in a line line of acquisitions and bold moves that continues to make the company a major force in this burgeoning market. Financial terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed.   Read More

  • QR Codes Find Their Way Into Leading Newspaper

    The mobile revolution has successfully infiltrated traditional print media. On Friday, USA Today announced that it is working with AT&T to “enhance your news consumption experience.” As a result, AT&T Mobile Barcodes will now be featured on USA Today newspaper pages. According to this morning’s announcement, USA Today readers can now use nearly any QR …   Read More

  • AT&T Survey Shows Mobile Marketing Efforts to Expand Greatly Next Year

    Smartphone applications and mobile barcodes are poised to spur greater innovation and sales in the marketing world in 2012, according to a new survey commissioned by AT&T. AT&T commissioned a survey of 501 U.S.-based marketing or advertising professionals in hopes of better understanding “the opinions and attitudes of marketing and advertising executives toward mobile marketing, …   Read More

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    NeoMedia Sees 240 Percent Increase in Mobile Barcode Scans on Black Friday

    While Black Friday brought a flurry of shoppers to retail stores, it also brought a flurry of barcode scans according to NeoMedia. The company saw a dramatic increase of more than 240% in mobile barcode scans via its app on Black Friday compared to last year, including a 13% jump in 2D scans over 1D. …   Read More

  • 3Seventy MobileMinute: Why QR Codes are so Misunderstood and Poorly Executed

    Today we continue 3Seventy’s “MobileMinute” weekly video series, where Andy Kennedy takes on the topic of QR codes. For frequent readers of MMW you know that we’ve always had mixed feelings on QR codes.  While the concept is more than promising and adoption is only getting stronger, a majority of the implementations we see today translate to …   Read More