• Apple, Motorola Lawsuit Surprisingly Dismissed

    On Monday, Apple’s FRAND-related lawsuit against Motorola was surprising dismissed. Apple, which accused Motorola of unfair licensing practices, had been bracing for a trial with its Google-owned rival for well over 18 months. But Judge Barbara Crabb of Wisconsin dismissed the case with “prejudice.” In other words, Apple could still get the trial, but it …   Read More

  • Amazon Refreshes Cloud Player

    Amazon continues to roll out the revamps. On Wednesday, the online retail giant’s newest tweak took the form of a new feature that looks eerily familiar to Apple’s iTunes Match service. Amazon has confirmed new Cloud Player licensing agreements that bring significant updates to the platform. The agreements are with Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music, …   Read More

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    With Competition From Android & iOS Looming, The Symbian Foundation Nears The End

    Rumors are circulating that the Symbian Foundation is finally nearing the end, falling under the pressure of Android and iOS in the smartphone race. The Nokia-backed consortium has been hit with massive member departures and a complete lack of funding to keep its momentum strong enough to continue its fight.  As a result, the board …   Read More

  • Zoove Launches National Mobile Dial Code Registry, Ready To Take On Mobile Marketing

    Zoove, the provider of branded “dial codes” — which aim to go above and beyond short codes in terms of technology and marketing potential — today announced the launch of the “National Mobile Dial Code Registry” and the general availability of StarStar Codes for brands and trademark holders. StarStar Codes are branded mobile phone numbers …   Read More

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    AT&T kicks off partnership with Major League Soccer

    AT&T is partnering with Major League Soccer and the U.S. Soccer Federation to secure a very cool title: the “official communications sponsor” of MLS and the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National teams. Distributing original mobile content tailored to soccer fans is becoming the growing aspiration...

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    The Beer Truck Backs up for Mobile Marketing

    For a while, it seemed that beer companies missed the boat (and missed an opportunity) to get on the mobile marketing bandwagon. But not Coors. In fact, they are literally on the boat. Molson Coors – through their subsidiary Different World Drinks – is now...

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    U2 Goes Mobile with New Album

    Bono on your Blackberry. Could there be a cooler combination? If you’re a U2 fanatic, today is an exciting day. Research In Motion is reportedly teaming with superstar recording group U2 for the release of a new mobile album. For now, all reports are light...

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    Visa Teams with Monitise for Ambitious Alliance

    It seems like a match made in mobile heaven. Monitise has announced a “global strategic alliance agreement” with Visa International Service Association, a subsidiary of Visa Inc. The reported five-year agreement combines “Visa’s unmatched reach, payments expertise and trusted brand with the Monitise Mobile Money...

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    ASCAP Files Suit Against AT&T

    A major lawsuit is rocking the mobile world. ASCAP, a performance rights organization abbreviated for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, isn’t happy with AT&T. The organization claims that the ringtones supported by AT&T violates performance and copyright law when they are played...

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    FLO TV is Ready for Prime Time

    On Friday, FLO TV will debut on the small screen. But it’s a small screen that’s bigger than the smaller screen they’re famous for. This Friday, Qualcomm’s mobile broadcast subsidiary FLO TV will expand its service nationally. It’s a move that’s been in the making...