• Not Good for Its Resume: LinkedIn Pays $6 Million in Back Wages, Damages

    This isn’t going to look good on LinkedIn’s resume. Professional Social Network LinkedIn Corp. has paid nearly $6 million in back wages and damages to 359 current and former employees. It settles a suit brought by the U.S. Labor Department, which said workers were not properly paid for overtime worked between February, 2012 and February, …   Read More

  • Apple Agrees to Mammoth eBook Settlement

    Notwithstanding the company’s adamant claims that it didn’t conspire with some of the world’s leading publishers to fix eBook prices, Apple on Wednesday agreed to a whopping $450 million settlement. The settlement should bring to an end the U.S. state and consumer allegations that the venerable Mac maker was involved in some eBook funny business. …   Read More

  • FTC Takes Aim at Amazon

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is setting its sights on Amazon. And, as a result, the world’s leading online retailer and fast-emerging mobile player may be forced to pay a hefty penalty. As it turns out, Amazon may have been processing millions of dollars in unauthorized in-app purchases from mobile apps that took advantage of …   Read More

  • Casino Marketers in Pennsylvania May Have Reason for Excitement

    History was made in the state of Pennsylvania last week, mGamingWatch reports, as state senator Edwin B. Erickson officially introduced a bill that could usher in the era of regulated online gambling in Pennsylvania. SB 1386 was sent to the Community, Economic & Recreational Development Committee last Tuesday. If passed into law, the bill will …   Read More

  • Sprint Slapped with Massive FCC Fine for Do-Not-Call Violations

    Things are likely so quiet at Sprint today that you can probably hear a pin drop. This week, Sprint Corp. was ordered to pay a $7.5 million fine in a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The penalty comes in response to supposed violations of the Do-Not-Call rule.   Read More

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    The Ongoing Net Neutrality Debate Intensifies

    Having an even online playing field is an ongoing topic of conversation – okay, more like fierce debate – when it comes to content companies paying for preferential treatment. While paying for preferential treatment is common in many practices, in the online world it holds the potential for completely shutting out startups because they can’t …   Read More

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    The Market for Mobile Sports Wagering is Growing

    According to a new report from our sister site mGamingWatch, tech company CG Technology and Logrand Group, a Mexico-based entertainment and gaming operator, have signed an agreement for CG Technology to license its sports book system. The system in question includes mobile sports wagering, back end account management, and wallet functions at eight Logrand Group …   Read More

  • Facebook Once Again on FTC's Radar

    On Monday, the controversy swirling around Facebook intensified with regard to its proposed $16 billion acquisition of mobile message giant WhatsApp. Over the weekend, the director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection issued a message to Facebook. It came as a stark reminder of the social media behemoth’s obligations to protect the …   Read More

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    FCC Green Lights AT&T's Acquisition of Leap Wireless

    On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission officially sanctioned AT&T’s acquisition of Leap Wireless. Last summer, AT&T confirmed plans to acquire prepaid-wireless company Leap Wireless International. AT&T said it will absorb the company behind the Cricket brand for approximately $1.19 billion in cash. Ostensibly, the deal was intended to kick-start the carrier’s expansion into the low-cost …   Read More