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    Apple Just Dropped The Hammer

    On the rest of the handset makers. Pretty much the only thing holding back the iPhone from winding up in most consumer pockets is the price. Not for long, Fortune is reporting a $200 price drop is coming.

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    “iPhone-alyze” Your Mobile Content With MoFuse

    As I was surfing around this morning via iPhone, I noticed a few sites that sported brand new iPhone-specific mobile themes. After doing some quick research, I found that MoFuse has added new iPhone integration into their platform, which enables site owners and bloggers alike...

  • Ad Infuse Rolls Out iPhone-Specific Advertising

    Since a recent infusion of funds, Ad Infuse is ramping up it’s mobile marketing offerings by introducing new iphone-optimized ads to their already impressive platform. Dubbed adinMotion, the platform uses algorithms that calculate everything from age targeting, user preferences, geo-targeting and more to serve the...

  • A New Twist On Mobile Advertising By TapSlide

    TapSlide, Inc. made its debut on February 1st, vowing to provide a new twist on “complete mobile marketing solutions” for it’s clients. The company focuses on building branded mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Symbian platforms, as well as combining those mobile applications with a...

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    Does It Matter That Motorola Missed The 3G Ramp?

    I just read this on RCRWirelessNews and one bit struck me as odd. “Brown’s announcement also reflected that Motorola’s troubles are deeper than generally acknowledged by the company or analysts. The company has not revealed a follow-on platform to its Razr handset, it missed the global ramp in 3G devices, its smartphone offerings are minimal …   Read More

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    The Bids On The Cracked iPhone Are A Little Nutty

    At 5:30PM EST when I left my office the bids for this cracked iPhone was somewhere in the 8K range and moving up nicely. Fast forward 3 hours and the bid is at 99M. So, I’m wondering if there’s been any independent substantiation of this...

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    How To Unlock Your iPhone

    Enjoy. I wonder how long it will be before the Apple and AT&TÂ lawyers go bonkers.