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    AdMob Giving Away $1M To iPhone “Ad-Developers”

    It looks as though AdMob wants to become the leader in advertising on the iPhone. To prove it, they’re offering $1 million in free advertising to developers that can create integrated advertising within iPhone native applications and functions such as iTunes, the App Store, audio access, video, phone calls, maps and browser access. This comes …   Read More

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    Does That Make Steve Jobs Prometheus?

    I’ll admit, I’ve often decried the commoditizing of music, especially when it’s used as a mere distraction on a cell phone, no more important to a person’s soul than Bejeweled. But combine a cool music-comparing algorithm with mobile’s “It” device and a free price tag, and you’ve got my attention. Today, Pandora Media announced that …   Read More

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    Mobile Visual Search From Kooaba, Now For iPhone

    Image-recognition is gaining traction in mobile. Beyond QR codes and other input methods, mobile visual search using image-recognition seems to be the easiest to use and the most logical solution for wide-spread adoption. Among companies that offer such services such as MoBot, SnapTell, and SnapNow,...

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    Canadians Protest Rogers iPhone Pricing

    Almost 24,000 Canadians have signed an online petition at RuniediPhone.com to protest the high priced iPhone plans announced by Rogers. The 3G iPhone is set to debut in 22 countries around the world on July 11th. Evidentially in Canada it will not be a purely...

  • Morgan Stanley, Uber-Optimism, And iPhones

    So Morgan Stanley recently raised expectations on Apple share prices based on the most optimistic iPhone forecast I think I’ve ever seen. The investment bank believes that Apple will sell 27 million iPhones in the calendar year 2009, at an average price of $550 per...

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    Smart Phone Smackdown

    Rumours of an iPhone price break makes economic sense for Apple, considering a new report about its share in the smart phone market. Research firm IDC’s vendor survey shows that Apple’s iPhone had 19.2 percent of the U.S. market for smart phones during the first...

  • iPhone-Targeted Mobile Marketing Efforts Paying Off

    It’s no secret the iPhone has changed the mobile landscape as a whole with it’s sleek user-interface and “full web-browsing” capabilities, but the underlying benefit for large brands and advertisers alike is the powerful new marketing platform it provides. In an article from B to...

  • “Search” No More For Marketing’s Latest Grail

    A funny thing about Google’s mobile search service, called Google SMS, which lets people find businesses by texting names and locations to a short code: Those who know about it utilize it constantly and really love it; but passionate as they are, users are still a minority among cell phone owners. The dichotomy occurred to …   Read More

  • AP Mobile News Geared For iPhone & Others

    The Associated Press had announced their new “Mobile News Network” at its annual meeting in Washington back in April, with only six newspaper companies working to help develop the new service. Now, more than 100 of its member newspapers have joined, and have launched a...

  • iPhone SDK A Dream For Mobile Advertisers

    The iPhone has undeniably changed the mobile marketing landscape, and for good reason. It was reported that iPhone customers are 12 times as likely as others to use their device for mobile video and mobile TV, as well as basic internet usage overall. With more...