• The British Are Coming… for Tablet-Based Banking

    The British are crazy about their tablets. In fact, when it comes to personal banking, British consumers and poised to turn to their tablets before their mobile phones within the next few years. “More European consumers will bank on their tablets than on their mobile phones by as soon as 2016,” reads a report summary …   Read More

  • Does Apple Have an iPad Problem?

    On Wednesday, Apple punctuated a strong quarter on Wall Street with impressive earnings that mostly beat analyst expectations. Spiking more than $40 per share in after-hours trading, Apple reported earnings of $11.62 a share on revenue of $45.6 billion. Analysts expected earnings of $10.18 a share on $43.53 billion in revenue.   Read More

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    Microsoft Office for iPad Exceeds 12 Million Downloads

    Last week, Microsoft finally launched its iconic Office Suite for Apple’s iPad. “Office 365 subscribers can simply add an iPad as one of their chosen devices included in their subscription benefits, and can create and edit documents with Word for iPad, PowerPoint for iPad and Excel for iPad,” the software giant announced. Although Office for …   Read More

  • Did Microsoft Disappoint in The Debut of Office for iPad?

    Years of rumors were put to rest yesterday when Microsoft finally unveiled its hugely popular Office Suite for Apple’s iPad. “Starting Thursday,” the software giant announced, “Office 365 subscribers can simply add an iPad as one of their chosen devices included in their subscription benefits, and can create and edit documents with Word for iPad, …   Read More

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    Android Tablet Shipments Surging Globally

    The global tablet dominance once owned by Apple’s iPad is no more. According to the latest industry data published late last week by ABI Research, Android tablets have enjoyed a remarkable run that is poised to continue for in foreseeable future, especially in fast growing marketers where tablets have yet to reach the same pervasive …   Read More

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    Woz: Tim Cook Belongs at Apple's Core

    Facing a consistent barrage of claims that he hasn’t innovated at a healthy enough pace for the company, some critics contend that the time for Apple CEO Tim Cook to go has come. Others, however, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, say that Steve Jobs’ predecessor had done an excellent job contending with the enormous challenges …   Read More

  • U.S. Air Force Announces Deployment… of iPhones

    Apparently, the U.S. military is on high alert with regard to BlackBerry. In particular, the US Air Force has announced plans to swap out approximately 5,000 BlackBerry devices in favor of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. According to published reports over the weekend, this latest move on the part of military officials is the next step …   Read More

  • Which Product is Apple Expected to Stop Producing This Year?

    Apple Insider reports that iPad 2 production is poised to wind to a halt soon, possibly well before the end of this year. Since its debut in March 2011, Apple’s iPad 2 has been one of the company’s top selling devices across all product lines. A hot commodity domestically and abroad, the iPad 2 has …   Read More

  • Tim Cook: Apple Bringing Mobile Innovation to New Categories

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has effectively cleared up any confusion with regard to Apple’s plans to enter new product categories. Last night, Cook told The Wall Street Journal and other national media outlets that the company will, indeed, expand the scope of its products into new mobile territories. “There will be new categories,” Cook reveals, …   Read More

  • Imagination Technologies, Apple Extend Mobile-Centric Agreement

    Imagination Technologies, a U.K.-based semiconductor design company, confirmed on its website Thursday that it has reached a new deal with Apple. Apple remains a chief investor in the company, owning close to 10% of Imagination Technologies. Specifically, Imagination Technologies and Apple have extended their multi-year, multi-use license agreement. This provides Apple with critically important access …   Read More