• Google’s AdMob Deal Solidifies It’s Future Mobile Marketing Dominance

    With Google’s purchase of AdMob, it proves even further what many have already speculated for a while- that mobile advertising will be dominated by the major players for some time to come. A few months ago, Jeff Lindsay of Bernstein Research released a report titled “The Long View: How Will The Wireless Internet Impact Online …   Read More

  • Google Expands Mobile Reporting In Analytics

    I’ve always found it surprising that while Google pushes so hard to cater to the mobile realm, it still lacks some of the most basic of services for mobile publishers and advertisers.  A prime example of which would be the fact that Google is just now expanding its mobile reporting capabilities within its Analytics solution. …   Read More

  • Google & Baidu Faceoff In China’s Mobile Search Battle

    Believe it or not, there’s parts of the world where Google doesn’t dominate the search landscape like it does in the US. One of those places is the fast-paced mobile search market growing in China. Google is a distant second to Baidu in terms of...

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    Google Preparing AdSense For Mobile Apps, Launches Beta

    Google is getting one step closer to dominating mobile contextual advertising much like it did on the traditional Web with the launch of a public beta for its new AdSense for mobile apps solution. Aimed at providing both contextual and graphical ads for apps running...

  • Google (Finally) Launches AdSense For Mobile Search

    For being such a behemoth in the advertising world, Google has been a bit slow at launching mobile-versions of their platforms- most importantly, AdSense for mobile. AdSense for mobile was launched, in its basic form, back in September of 2007.  Now, the search giant has...

  • Google’s SMS Search Problems Continue…

    Google has had some problems with its SMS search service recently with January proving to be very problematic for its users, but last night was the icing on the cake. Starting about 8:30pm EST and lasting for nearly 4 hours, the service inadvertently sent dozens of SMS messages over and over to hundreds, if not …   Read More

  • Mobile Search – not as easy as it should be

    It has been a long time since I’ve found myself frustrated by using Google for searching. Kind of like breathing, finding what I need on Google is something I take for granted. But using Google on mobile is just plain frustrating to me. Let me explain with an example:   Read More

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    All This And Pac-Man, Too?

    One open mobile operating system. Three thousand programmers. Ten minutes. That just about sums up Google’s brief but compelling Wednesday debut of Android, the open mobile operating system that has rallied numerous handset makers, cellular service providers, and software developers. Most of Android’s features seemed predicated on touch-screen technology, though tracker-ball technology is also compatible. …   Read More

  • “Search” No More For Marketing’s Latest Grail

    A funny thing about Google’s mobile search service, called Google SMS, which lets people find businesses by texting names and locations to a short code: Those who know about it utilize it constantly and really love it; but passionate as they are, users are still a minority among cell phone owners. The dichotomy occurred to …   Read More

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    Android’s Dev. Challenge Winner; “Scan” Barcoding App

    Jeffrey Sharkey has won the Google Developer’s challenge, and $25,000 for his “Scan” Android application. The main purpose of the app is to find pricing and metadata info from anything with a barcode, such as CD’s, books, and other products. We’ve seen this technology in...