• FTC Not Relenting in Native Ad Witch Hunt

    Adweek recently connected with Jessica Rich, Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection bureau. In a new interview published on Sunday, Rich made it clear that the Commission is not taking its sights off of native advertising any time soon. Native ads – advertisements designed to look and read like organic newspaper and magazine …   Read More

  • Consumers More Concerned with Privacy Than Ever Before

    For years, a company’s privacy policy was something that the resounding majority of consumers simply did not read. But in this unsettling era tragically marked by everything from identify theft to digital spying, consumers are finally starting to read the fine print. This holiday season, in fact, consumers are specifically requesting to read the privacy …   Read More

  • WhitePages Wants to Help Marketers Comply with New FCC Regulations

    The team at WhitePages has just shared details with MMW regarding the arrival of WhitePages PRO’s Phone Lite, a resource aimed at helping businesses comply with the regulations outlined in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Last week, MMW hosted a webinar with a number of mobile industry leaders, legal experts, and executives who shared …   Read More

  • Registration Continues for Thursday’s Emergency Mobile Marketing Webinar

    As MMW has been reporting in recent weeks, the FCC will soon begin enforcing a strict new set of rules governing marketing calls and text messages directed at consumers on their mobile phones. On October 16th, the new rules will make it mandatory, for example, for marketers to gain written consent from a consumer prior …   Read More

  • Emergency Webinar Will Address Urgent Matters in Mobile Marketing

    On October 16th, the Federal Communications Commission will begin enforcing a strict new set of rules governing marketing calls and text messages directed at consumers on their mobile phones. The new rules, for example, will make it incumbent upon marketers to gain written consent from a consumer prior to adding that consumer to a mobile …   Read More

  • SMS Marketing: Guidelines To Get It Right

    For companies big and small, the value of SMS marketing is a no-brainer. But doing it right takes plenty of careful planning and consideration. Studies show that 91% of American consumers are within arm’s reach of their cellphone at all hours of the day. What this means for your company is that there is no …   Read More

  • Advertising Trade Groups Release Guidelines for Mobile Ad Data Usage

    The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) are two of the leading major advertising trade groups touting new guidelines on how members should address the sensitive issue of mobile user data collection and retention. The new DAA guidance for the first time advises advertisers, agencies, media, and technology companies how to …   Read More

  • How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Safe from Malpractice

    As businesses ramp up their marketing budgets in hopes of getting their messages on our mobile screens, the evidence suggests that these efforts are working. Recent research points to a growing number of consumers using their mobile devices much more often when trying to make purchasing decisions. In fact, more than eighty percent of shoppers …   Read More

  • Human Demand and TRUSTe Partner for Data Privacy Management

    With data privacy paramount on the minds of businesses and consumers alike, Human Demand‘s new partnership with TRUSTe is expected to go a long way toward building agency and brand trust for mobile advertising. Human Demand, the mobile ad technology company, says TRUSTe will help them deliver data privacy management across Human Demand’s ad buying …   Read More