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    Study: iOS, Android App Developers Very Interested in Windows

    In what’s being called the “biggest mobile developer study in history,” 6,000 mobile app developers from 115 countries are spilling the beans on their platform preferences and outlook. In short, here’s what the expansive developer economics report tells us: iOS developers are getting paid the most (they make an average of $5,200 per month in …   Read More

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    App Annie Reveals Top Revenue Generating Mobile Game Apps

    On Wednesday, App Annie updated its Games Index to reveal the top earning games for the month of May 2013. “Candy Crush Saga had an impressive May, ranking #1 in iOS App Store game downloads, iOS game revenue, and Google Play game downloads in May 2013,” the company posted on its blog today. With regard …   Read More

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    Amazon, Apple to Lock Horns in Court August 19th

    For more than a year now, Apple has pursued Amazon in every legal channel in hopes of curtailing the digital retailer’s use of the term “Appstore” to market its store for Android applications. Last summer, Apple even suggested that Amazon is intentionally trying to trick and confuse consumers. “Amazon has steadfastly refused to produce documents …   Read More

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    AppClover Touts App Marketing Services

    On Thursday, the team at AppClover formally launched a set of new tools designed to give appreneurs resources previously out of reach. AppClover’s new mobile app marketing services are designed to help developers get more attention, exposure, and downloads for their iPhone, iPad, or Android apps. Services include App Store Optimization, press release writing, icon …   Read More

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    Canalys: Mobile App Downloads Accelerating in Early 2013

    Mobile app downloads haven’t slowed much since the flurry of downloads we saw at the close of 2012. In fact, the latest data from Canalys shows that app downloads climbed 11% in Q1 of 2013 (vs. Q4 of 2012). According to published reports Monday, the world’s four leading app stores generated $2.2 billion in total …   Read More

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    Twitter Updates Android, iOS Apps

    Social media behemoth Twitter just released a new version of Twitter for Android. According to an announcement on the official Twitter blog, the new design reflects a native Android experience. Delivered with the update are wider and taller timelines that fill the screen, a flat navigation bar, tap and hold for quick actions, and more. …   Read More

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    ABI: Android App Downloads to Outmuscle iOS in 2013

    ABI Research announced Monday that Android app downloads are rapidly outpacing app downloads from the rival iOS ecosystem. “The annual volume of smartphone app downloads will reach 56 billion this year,” ABI forecasts. “Of different OS platforms, Google’s Android will account for 58% of the total, with Apple’s iOS commanding an annual share of 33%.” …   Read More

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    Verizon Serving Up The Best Apps in Android, iOS

    With well over 1.5 million mobile apps available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store today, there are certainly more than a few apps out there that may interest you. But finding them has become a significant challenge. “Where can customers go to get reliable information on what apps to try …   Read More

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    App Annie: Google Play Can’t Keep Up With App Store Revenue

    App Annie, the app store analytics firm, has published its new App Annie Index for January. Analyzing major app publisher revenue and download trends across the iOS and Google Play app stores worldwide, the latest Index refresh reveals that which is driving growth on both platforms. According to the finding’s presented in the new report:   Read More

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    Mobile Marketing Watch’s Top Ten Stories of 2012

    With only a few days remaining in 2012, we at Mobile Marketing Watch are taking a look back at some of the biggest stories of the year across the mobile marketing, social media, and mobile tech landscape. From the general growth observed in the mobile marketing industry to the mobile tech developments (4G LTE expansion, …   Read More