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    YouGov survey: Mobile Operators Better Get to Work

    On Monday morning, MMW was privy to the findings of a new YouGov survey revealing that up to 74% of consumers would “potentially leave their current mobile operator” for better cellular coverage at work. In short, the coverage at work is poor, coverage elsewhere will likely be sought. The YouGov research commissioned by SpiderCloud Wireless …   Read More

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    Report: Mobile Broadband Tops SMS as Top Generator of Mobile Data Revenue

    The team at technology market research firm Infonetics Research says mobile broadband now tops SMS a leading generator of mobile data revenue. The times are, indeed, changing, according to excerpts from the firm’s most recent 2G, 3G, LTE Mobile Services and Subscribers market size and forecast report. “Europe continues to be the main drag on …   Read More

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    Analysts Look at What Lies Ahead for Mobile Operators in the New Year

    In a new report from Current Analysis — Fifteen Predictions for Consumer Services in 2015 — researchers and analysts forecast the top 15 trends that will impact both European and US fixed and wireless mobile operators in 2015. According to details shared with MMW, predictions cover “five key consumer services” topic areas: Communications, Services Ecosystem, …   Read More

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    Waiting for 5G? Keep Waiting…

    New market data forecasts from ABI Research aren’t painting a rosy picture of 5G availability for those impatient for its arrival. According to the projections made, it will take more than 5 years for 5G to reach the 100 million subscriber mark—2 years longer than 4G. ABI says the reason 4G subscriber growth was much …   Read More

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    LTE Market to 'Peak' Next Year

    This week, the team over at market research firm Infonetics Research released excerpts from its 3rd quarter 2014 (3Q14) 2G, 3G, LTE Mobile Infrastructure and Subscribers report. According to the always-insightful data the researchers serve up, LTE is set for a big 2015. The report in question tracks more than 50 categories of equipment, software, …   Read More

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    Burning Up the Wires: U.S. iPhone Users Consume the Most LTE and Wi-Fi Data

    Wireless, it appears, is now king of the hill. There’s confirmation. Recent network usage data from Mobidia Technology, Inc. shows LTE (an abbreviation for Long-Term Evolution, commonly marketed as 4G LTE, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals usage in the U.S. continued to increase in Q3. …   Read More

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    2015 LTE Handset Shipments to Reach 680 Million

    The amazingly insightful folks at ABI Research are out with a new report which estimates that 676 million 4G LTE handsets will be shipped in 2015. If that prediction proves prophetic, it will represent growth of 204 million units over 2014. Additionally, ABI Research estimates that the total number of LTE connected devices shipped worldwide …   Read More

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    LTE Subscriptions Reach Milestone

    2014 will go down in history as a banner year for LTE. The number of LTE mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide reached the milestone of 250 million in the first quarter of 2014. That was the announcement ahead of the weekend from global analyst firm Ovum.   Read More

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    Sprint Activates More 4G LTE Markets Across the U.S.

    From sea to shining sea, Sprint has just activated an array of new markets, all of which now have access to the carrier’s fast-growing 4G LTE network. For now, the ultra-fast cellular network has been launched in 17 new markets across the United States. According to details provided to MMW from Sprint, the new locations …   Read More

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    Shipments of Powerful Smartphone Modems to Top 700M by 2019

    A new report out of London and shared with MMW on Monday estimates that shipments of second-generation LTE basebands, commonly called Cat4, barely exceeded 42 million in 2013. But that’s about to change for these components, which enable mobile users to enjoy up to 150 Mbps bandwidth. New insight from ABI Research indicates that key …   Read More