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    Faster, Mobile Chip. Sell! Sell!

    In Korea–which battles with Finland for the title of mobile capital of the world–the 4G phone may have been born. LG Electronics yesterday demonstrated the first handset modem chip that’s based on so-called LTE (Long Term Evolution) standards, and that can “theoretically” support wireless download...

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    Canadians Protest Rogers iPhone Pricing

    Almost 24,000 Canadians have signed an online petition at RuniediPhone.com to protest the high priced iPhone plans announced by Rogers. The 3G iPhone is set to debut in 22 countries around the world on July 11th. Evidentially in Canada it will not be a purely...

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    Would You Pay $49 Per Month For 3G Capabilities In Your Car?

    Novatel Wireless, who makes a broad range of 3G PC cards and embedded modules has partnered with Autonet Mobile to integrate the Novatel Expedite E725 PCI Express mini card into the Autonet Mobile solution. If you’ve rented a Car from Avis in the San Francisco...

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    Does It Matter That Motorola Missed The 3G Ramp?

    I just read this on RCRWirelessNews and one bit struck me as odd. “Brown’s announcement also reflected that Motorola’s troubles are deeper than generally acknowledged by the company or analysts. The company has not revealed a follow-on platform to its Razr handset, it missed the global ramp in 3G devices, its smartphone offerings are minimal …   Read More