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    U.S. Carrier Keeps Beating Japanese Counterpart In Mobile Data Revenue: Report

    So it wasn’t a fluke. The United States is finally gaining–and in at least one way, exceeding–more mobile-y advanced countries. The technology consulting firm Chetan Sharma reported today that for the second quarter in a row, Verizon Wireless has beaten NTT DoCoMo–albeit by the width of an amoeba’s membrane, the firm said–in terms of mobile …   Read More

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    Amazon to Roll Out Next Gen Kindle

    Amazon is ramping up efforts to expand the popularity and ubiquity of its hugely popular Kindle eReader. This week, the online retail giant announced that a new, smaller, lighter, and faster Kindle – with 50% better contrast to boot – will soon arrive at an advertised price of $189. But as Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com founder …   Read More

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    AT&T Drops Unlimited Data Plans

    While some may have seen the move coming, others are stunned today by AT&T’s announcement that the carrier will stop offering unlimited data plans for 3G users, including iPhones and iPads. Ironically, the conclusion of the unlimited plan will set in June 7th, the very occasion that Apple chief Steve Jobs is expected to unveil …   Read More

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    CBS Banking on Mobile for March Madness

    In the past, CBS has invested heavily in the development of their mobile sports presence. And building upon last year’s successful mobile coverage and corresponding iPhone app for March Madness, CBS is rolling out a host of new developments for the CBS mobile sports platform....

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    What’s The Difference Between Tier 1, 2 and 3 Carriers, And Who Are They In The US?

    Delving into the technical aspects of wireless carriers and how they operate, one interesting concept relates to how the carriers access and distribute its network backbone- meaning mobile voice and data services.  You’ve likely heard the terms “tier-1″ or tier-2” carriers, but what does it mean and how do the major US carriers stack up? …   Read More

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    Smartphones Draining Mobile Networks, Literally

    Airvana, a mobile broadband solutions company, has conducted some interesting research regarding the effects of smartphones and their data-intensive nature on wireless broadband networks. Through its research, Airvana identified a significant mobile network “load multiplier effect” caused by smartphone data traffic on the macro-cellular network.  Airvana engineers comparing data use profiles found that for a …   Read More

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    Mobile Marketers Dred Chinese Price Tags?

    Since 2007, the mobile marketing industry has grown almost in lockstep with the iPhone’s progress. Where the iPhone goes, so too does the opportunity for reaching new audiences with applications and campaigns tailored to any number of diverse marketing purposes. For mobile marketers, the prospect...

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    iPhone 3.0 Firmware Increases WiFi Usage By 41%

    AT&T has announced that the release of the latest iPhone 3.0 firmware has lead to a dramatic increase in its WiFi hotspot usage.  Use has increased nearly 41% over the previous quarter, according to AT&T. The major reason for such a spike, is the fact...

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    AT&T To Boost 3G Speeds, Lays Out Plans For LTE

    AT&T again announced recently that it plans to double the speed of its 3G network in the near future from the current 3.6M to a hefty 7.2M, while laying the groundwork for its upcoming conversion to LTE 4G speeds by 2011. The increased speed is...

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    Wi-Fi is for iPhone Lovers

    Many Apple addicts twiddled their thumbs awaiting the release of the 3G iPhone earlier this year, only to be disappointed by the by the quality of data reception when they got it. Luckily for iPhone owners, jumping on a Wi-Fi network is an easy way...