Catalina Pushing Personalized Mobile Advertising For CPG Brands

Chalk it up as another high-profile launch at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival this year. The team at Catalina, the personalized digital media company, rolled out something called BuyerVision Mobile.

It’s deemed a mobile ad solution for CPG brands with the ability to deliver personalized media based on in-store purchase history.

Already influencing more than 230 million shoppers through the leading in-store media network, Catalina’s new offering delivers personalized mobile advertising to 70 million households.

“BuyerVision Mobile represents a huge breakthrough in mobile advertising,” explains Chris Henger, Catalina’s executive vice president of digital. “We’ve always believed it is critical to put only the most relevant messages in front of consumers, and this is even more imperative in the highly personal, immersive mobile experience.”

Catalina believes that its expertise and insights will allow their CPG brand clients to not only deliver personalized mobile ads to high-value shoppers, and also measure their impact based on actual in-store sales.

To learn more about Catalina, check out their official site here.