Case Study: Oklahoma Lottery + Mobile Marketing = 13,000 Sign-Ups In One Month

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) published an interesting case study today regarding the Oklahoma Lottery and its use of mobile marketing to drive sign-ups to its VIP club.

The state lottery system wanted to create a mobile VIP club to use as another marketing vehicle to create brand awareness and drive sales.  An initial campaign was created and executed using both traditional and social media to begin building the mobile VIP club.  The goal was to communicate that “membership has its privileges.”  The promotion was executed through radio, Online and the lottery’s social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.

The lottery offered a chance to win $100 a day for 30 days by texting in and joining the Oklahoma Lottery Mobile VIP Club.  To keep their audience aware of the ongoing promotion, the lottery posted winners on their Facebook page as well as their own website.

At the end of the promotion, the Oklahoma Lottery had amassed almost 13,000 people in the mobile club in one month’s time.  “We’re excited with the results.  We now have within our marketing arsenal another communication tool that has proven effective in driving sales, introducing new products, driving traffic at special events and maximizing awareness of jackpot drawings,” said Jay Finks, Marketing Director for the Oklahoma Lottery.

Both during the promotion and since it ended, the Oklahoma Lottery has offered various text-to-win promotions to the new mobile club.  They’ve given their audience a reason to stay on the mobile club by offering chances to win merchandise that pertained to some of their current games offered.  Not content with stopping there, the lottery system continued to bolster its mobile promotions.

One week after the $100-a-day promotion ended, the Oklahoma Lottery launched their new iPhone application.  A mobile alert was sent to their newly created mobile club to invite everyone to download the new app.   They received 667 click-throughs from the text alert the first day, proving mobile marketing is successful no matter what industry you’re in.