Case Study: Just 19 Handsets Serve 88% Of Traffic For One Brand Using Mobile Apps

In the world of mobile advertising, the sheer number of devices is somewhat daunting when trying to reach as many platforms and devices as possible.

One particular case study involving Belron International — a vehicle glass repair and replacement company — showed just 19 handsets served over 88% of ads to the company’s mobile application over a three-month period, contradicting the notion you need to target hundreds of devices to reach the widest audience.  The company used Bango’s mobile analytics tools to track usage and primarily the type of smartphone used.

Craig Sullivan, group eBusiness customer experience manager at Belron, said the results were not what he was expecting.  “Apple is huge: that surprised me,” said Sullivan, who was speaking at the Mobile Marketing Forum this week. “But not in the US.”  Sullivan said Belron primarily estimated that it had 444 devices to support in its key markets, but Bango quickly showed that nearly 90% of the company’s traffic could be served by hitting just 19 handsets.

The key handsets were from Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia and HTC, with the iPhone accounting for 60.26% of traffic.  The iPod Touch was in second place, followed by the BlackBerry 9700, the BlackBerry 8520, the Nokia N97, BlackBerry 8900 and the Nokia 5800d.  To put things in perspective, Belron’s analysis covered 33 countries and 17 languages, so the case study covered a large sample.