Case Study: Glance Increases Key Customer Engagement Metric Big Time

Glance Technologies Inc. announced this week the success of its Social Media Marketing Services in helping restaurants to grow sales through increased customer engagement and expanding one restaurant’s social media following by over 700%.

Over a 4-month period, the Glance Pay Social Media Marketing Services team worked with Blue Martini Jazz Cafe in Vancouver, B.C. to increase exposure, follower count, awareness and engagement on Blue Martini’s social network properties including Instagram, while leveraging the Glance Pay user base and tying in social media contests with the Glance Pay App.

As a result, Blue Martini experienced an increase in Instagram followers from 240 to 1720, which translates to growth of more than 700%. In addition, average likes per post increased by 59 per picture and today stands at 122 likes per picture. SEO services over this same period increased the rankings for Blue Martini in keyword searches that are relevant to their target market.

“Our Glance Pay Social Media Marketing Services are just one of the many effective and affordable ways that Glance Pay can help our restaurants and partners,” states CEO Desmond Griffin, “These additional premium solutions and services like our mobile payment and rewards app help our partners build brand awareness, exposure, and repeat sales through increased customer engagement. Staff at Blue Martini reported that during this same period, traditionally a slower period for restaurants, customer visits and sales remained unusually high and represented an increase over previous years.”

Glance Pay’s restaurant partners are engaging the company for its Social Media Marketing Services in increasing numbers.

Anyone wanting to learn more about Glance Pay’s Exclusive Social Media Marketing Services and to request a case study on how Glance Pay can help you increase sales by increasing customer engagement is encouraged to contact