Capital One Makes ‘Savvy’ Move Into Mobile

Capital One has made a “Savvy” move into mobile territory.

This week, ShopSavvy – the mobile application popular for its barcode-scanning and price comparison capabilities – joined forces with Capital One for a new effort that should be pleasing to mobile-savvy shoppers.

Together, the partners are moving into personalized deals.

Capital One and ShopSavvy have teamed up to offer you personalized deals instantly while you’re shopping. Scan or search for products with the ShopSavvy app and we’ll let you know when you have a chance to save, simply by using your Capital One card. Register now and you’ll get $20 back on your first purchase of $40 or more within 7 days using the ShopSavvy wallet, just for trying it out. Then watch your savings add up!

So how does it work? According to today’s announcement, interested parties simply sign up and register their card, download the ShopSavvy app and then make a purchase.

“The reason it’s interesting to us,” ShopSavvy CEO John Boyd says, “is that it actually provides content to our customers. When they make a purchase of $40 or more, they’ll be eligible for a $20 statement credit from Capital One. But, then, they’re also eligible for Capital One deals, which is exclusive content to ShopSavvy users, based on what they’re interested in.”

“We want users, when they go to ShopSavvy, to feel like they get offers, coupons, and deals that they’re not going to see anywhere else, and we want to make that as easy as possible,” Boyd concludes.

To learn more about the partnership and what it means for you, click here.