Can You Really Take the Guesswork Out of Mobile Advertising?

eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending will spike from $8.4 billion in 2012 to $37 billion in 2016. But in order for the marketing community, which is presently awash with optimistic predictions, to continue investing in the mobile channel, the return on this investment of time, treasure, and faith can no longer be as murky as in years past.

“The most significant issue for ad buyers,” reads a new report from MIT Technology Review, “is that they don’t know if the ads are working, like they do on desktop computers.” The report cites data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which indicates that all media depend critically upon reliable metrics for audience reach.

So is it really possible to take the guesswork out of mobile advertising? AD-X Tracking thinks so, and the company is opening operations in the United States to prove it.
The AD-X Tracking platform is perfectly positioned to capitalize on these market trends by delivering a comprehensive solution for tracking mobile campaigns for publishers, ad agencies and brands.

A full-service platform, AD-X Tracking monitors clicks, installs and in-app events to provide up-to-the minute intelligence regarding mobile app usage and engagement.

The technology lets users track, monitor and report mobile app or websites success. Available across every mobile platform, the solution provides global insight into an app campaign’s results from advertising sources, including social channels, mobile search, banner ads and emails/SMS. Other popular platforms include mobile web solutions, self-hosted sites, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, server-to-server tracking and more.

“We’re helping advertisers pinpoint which part of their mobile advertising spend is delivering the best possible results so they can optimize their campaigns and reach the best possible audience every time,” says Phil Jones, Chief Technology Officer at AD-X Tracking. “The market for mobile advertising continues to explode and our success stems from the value that we deliver to our clients. We’re excited to open up shop here in the U.S. and look forward to the opportunity to grow our footprint around the world.”