Can New Mobile Marketing Solution Bring the Traffic?

Can New Mobile Marketing Solution Bring the TrafficThis week in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress, Gemalto came to the convention to demonstrate its ability to “boost drive-to-store m-commerce campaigns through real-time geo-location.”

Using Intersec’s platform Igloo, Gemalto says it combines accurate opt-in subscriber databases with a location-based marketing strategy to help mobile operators forge effective closer relationships with their customers and upsell a range of products and services.

The campaigns boost in-store traffic and sales, and unleash the power of instant purchasing in millions of mobile subscribers.

“Imagine being sent a digital discount voucher for the nearest restaurant just as you leave the cinema, or a time-limited offer on your favorite hot drink early in the morning at the very moment you are approaching the coffee shop,” said Nadia Gonzalez, Vice President of Mobile Marketing for Gemalto. “Our Mobile Engagement and Monetization solution combined with Igloo provides both operators and brands the means to deliver contextualized, compelling content, straight to the mobile phones of potential customers.”

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