Can Mobile Marketing Rescue Sluggish Soft Drink Sales?

According to a new report in Ad Age magazine, it’s been a rough year for soft drink sales.

In fact, it’s been a rough seven years.

Carbonated soft drinks have endured such a sales decline that they’ve returned to levels not seen since 1996.

Citing data from Beverage Digest, only Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Diet Mountain Dew and Fanta are still in the growth column.

Of the top 10 brands, Fanta reported the strongest growth, with volume up 3%, helping it pass Diet Dr Pepper. The brand has been a focus for Coca-Cola, which invested in a global campaign last year.

Both Diet Coke and Pepsi saw volume decline with Diet Pepsi seeing the “steepest drop” in the top 10, with an 8.2% volume decline.

“Pepsi and Diet Pepsi performed well in retail channels, where consumers have a choice,” a rep for PepsiCo tells AdAge, obviously drawing attention to fountain sales, where Coca-Cola is the top dog among soft drinks.

“Coke has about 70% of the U.S. fountain soft-drink business, and it adds significantly to their all-channel share compared to retail only,” confirms John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest.

So what can help boost struggling sales? According to independent business analyst Mike Randazzo, the mobile channel has been grossly underutilized by soft drink makers in the last twelve months.

“I think some crafty mobile marketing and interactive campaigns can help end or reduce sluggish sales for soft drink makers,” Randazzo tells Mobile Marketing Watch on Tuesday. “Come up with a way to skirt the growing anti-soda movement to make soft drinks new again,” is Randazzo’s advice. “And the mobile channel is the best way to do exactly that.”

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