Can Mobile Disrupt The Film Industry?

According to Ridley Scott it is and he doesn’t like seeing his art form getting commercialized down to the mobile screen. In fact Ridley believes it’s killing cinema.

“Director Ridley Scott has lashed out at technology which allows people to watch films on mobile phones and computer screens, arguing it is killing cinema.

Great films should be watched on a big screen in a movie theatre, he said.”

I think he and the film industry should to find a way to embrace it or they might be drinking from the same cup of regret that the Music Industry guzzled. Go read what Don Dodge has to say about the history of Napster and you’ll quickly realize that the artists and music industry executives may have made one of the biggest blunders of all time by not embracing technology.

You gotta wonder why the guy didn’t see it coming to a certain degree don’t you? I mean Ridley, I hate to bring you more bad news but you live in a time where you can potentially see a major motion picture go straight to something like YouTube.

The possibility also exists that the Theatre Channel collapses all-together eventually doesn’t it? I don’t think it’s mobile that you have to worry about though Ridley, you should be losing sleep over HD and Fiber Optic Networks though. HD and Fiber doesn’t kill cinema, it merely moves it into my living room where I’m not paying 2000% markups on the popcorn and soda.