Can Marketers Boost Chances of Mobile Commerce Success with the Touch of a ‘Button’?

Can Marketers Boost Chances of Mobile Commerce Success with the Touch of a ‘Button’Perhaps you’ve had this experience: you’re on your smartphone and you find something you want to purchase. Unfortunately, when you get to the checkout they want you to type in all of your information. Many people have found this to be such an inconvenience on a tiny phone screen they wait until they get to their computer to enter the necessary information.

Money is being dumped at record speeds into advertising and perfecting apps for your shopping needs. However, if people do not use it for the purpose of shopping, what’s the point of focusing finances on an area that isn’t seeing a good return?

To help alleviate this problem and increase in-app sales, checkout programs are adding “Buy It Now” buttons. By simply typing in your information once, the “Buy It Now” button will save your purchasing information so you won’t have to retype it again, only updating when you need to edit some information.

To give you an example, the New York Times provides a Pinterest purchasing scenario. The Times explains, “How it works for Pinterest’s ‘buyable pins’: People enter their credit card numbers into the Pinterest app, along with shipping details. When they see something they want to buy, they click ‘Buy it,’ at which point the retailer is told where to ship it and take payment using that credit card or the Apple Pay service.”

So is the touch of a “button” really the secret to success for improving chances for mobile commerce success? All evidence points to a resounding yes.