Campbell’s Says iAds More Effective Than TV Ads, Twice As Memorable

According to a new “effectiveness study” from Apple and soup-maker Campbell’s, the latter’s iAds are twice as effective as the TV ads they’ve used, at a fraction of the cost.

The study, conducted by Nielsen over a five-week period, showed that consumers remembered the Campbell’s brand five times more than TV ad respondents.  In addition, respondents claimed they intended to purchase Campbell’s four times more than the TV group and that they liked the ad five times more.  The iAd in question garnered 53 million ad impressions total and had a CTR of roughly 1 percent.  Though not as high as we’ve seen with other iAds, it’s still not too shabby.  When figuring in cost, you can see why Campbell’s might prefer iAds.

The cost of the iAd Campbell’s used was most likely close to the $1M mark, while the company said it spent $25 million on soup brands in network and cable TV in October and November, according to Kantar Media.  “We have a lot of data that goes many years back for TV print, out of home and radio, but we’re searching for more validated metrics in mobile,” the company said.  “This does show, in really traditionally brand metric terms, that iAd really outperformed.”