Calls for SMS Industry to Rein in 18% Overcharge

Business SMS provider, The SMS Works has called for the business SMS industry to rethink its unfair and unclear charging policy.

Ever since the industry’s inception in the late 90s, users of business SMS services have always been charged for all messages they send, even if a proportion of them haven’t been delivered.

By contrast, SMS providers are not charged when a message is undelivered, so there’s an additional margin that almost all providers are taking advantage of.

With the average non-delivery rate standing at around 18%, there’s a significant hidden, additional profit that the industry has been enjoying for the past 20 years or so.

Business SMS provider, The SMS Works, is challenging this pricing policy by offering an SMS API service where any undelivered messages are refunded back to the customer.

For too long the SMS industry has been unfairly charging its customers for undelivered texts. We think it’s time this changed”, said Henry Cazalet, Director at The SMS Works.

This new offering may cause rumblings of disquiet in the SMS industry which will be uncomfortable with a spotlight being thrown onto its opaque charging strategy.

SMS Providers have always charged for failed messages and they’ve always struggled to justify this to customers. 

SMS companies don’t pay for failed messages, so there’s no reason that customers should have to. We’re offering a much fairer and more transparent approach to pricing.”
The Bristol based company attracts customers who need a reliable business SMS API service at a low cost and believe their service is amongst the lowest priced in the industry.

To back this up, they have published an SMS price comparison table, so customers can compare prices from over 22 companies.