CallRail Rolls Out Keyword Spotting Technology within CallScribe

MMW learned Wednesday that CallRail — a popular call analytics provider — has just launched Keyword Spotting, a feature within CallScribe that instantly identifies keywords and phrases within call transcriptions and categorizes calls for automated, detailed analyses of conversations.

“Powered by CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence technology, CallScribe is the fastest and easiest way to analyze phone conversations for useful insights,” the company tells us.

So how does it work?

Fully automated, CallScribe evaluates call recordings to instantly create a speaker-organized text script, providing messages at a glance and allowing users to easily check call transcriptions for keywords or phrases within the CallRail dashboard.

With Keyword Spotting, marketers can search all calls from any campaign or marketing source for keywords and phrases. After identifying the criteria and keywords associated with leads and customers, CallScribe automatically tags relevant calls.

According to Kevin Mann, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at CallRail, the instant information provided by CallScribe and Keyword Spotting helps marketers more effectively understand customers’ needs, making it possible to drive calls that really matter to their businesses. It measures agent performance, too, by providing insight into why a lead closed or did not.

“Obtaining valuable data from inbound phone calls can be difficult, and listening to every call recording isn’t always feasible or realistic,” said Mann in this week’s announcement. “With CallScribe, a transcript can be read much faster than a call can be listened to, and Keyword Spotting takes it to the next level. Now, marketers can easily search through call transcriptions for phrases that may reveal important information about their callers.”

To learn more, check out CallRail here.