Calculate Anything, Wherever You Are

Since I’ve been doing mobile website reviews here I’ve found some great mobile sites, but none quite as terrific as this one reviewed today. I’ve also embedded a few mobile site building tips into this review. Enjoy.



Quick Site Description:
Online Calculators for Mobile Phones

First Impression:
Literally, the first thought that went through my mind was, “Wow. I’m going to use this site a lot.”

What’s Here:

Featured on CalcNexus are 25 different fill-in-the-blank worksheets that calculate what you want to know. Seven categories of figures you’d need to know from Mortgage & Loan, Auto & Car, Financial, Health & Fitness, Conversion Tip (you’re gonna love this one), and a Grocery Price Calculator. Within each type of calculator there are several options and they are the kind of things you’d want to calculate on the go.

For example, you’re wandering around a car dealership lot, spot a car you’d love to drive but don’t know what the payments would be. Head over to and fill in the blanks – presto, you know what your payment would be.

There’s also the Tip Calculator that not only determines how much to tip based on the receipt amount and percentage you want to give, it also allows you to input how many people are splitting the bill. So next time you are out to lunch with a large group, just use this handy calculator.

CalcNexus has included on the site tools that people would really use when they are mobile. That’s a key component to a successful mobile site.

Ease of Use/Find Stuff Factor:
Couldn’t be simpler or more straightforward. Each calculator comes right at the top of the page and below it are the instructions. This is a terrific mobile site building tip – put what people want to use now at the top and what they need “just in case” at the bottom. The less scrolling your visitors have to do the better.

Best Part(s):
The Grocery Price Calculator has got to be my favorite one. You can use this calculator to determine whether you should buy a regular priced item with a coupon or an item that’s on sale. You can also compare the prices of items of different sizes. Way cool.

What’s Missing:

Can’t think of a thing.

Where to Use It:

Everywhere. Anywhere. This site would be helpful in car dealerships, at the gas station, while you’re shopping for houses, at the bank, at the grocery store, at a restaurant, in a shopping mall, on a date, at the gym. Wow, the list is almost endless.

Bottom Line:
Go to this site now and bookmark it on your mobile. Use it (which you’ll love personally anyway) and take notes so when you’re building your mobile site you do as good a job as Vertex42 LLC, the makers of this site did.

5 out of 5

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