CafePress Now Creating ‘Magic’ in Mobile

CafePress – the experts in customization for products envisioned by the global community – is teaming with Magic Moments – the mobile social marketplace – to change up the way people create, buy, and sell their unique customized merchandise.

Specifically, desktops and laptops are no longer required for this sort of thing. CafePress, in a nutshell, is going mobile.

Today, the partners in question introduced Magic Moments powered by CafePress, “a cutting-edge free mobile App that enables customers to create and sell unique products with just a few taps on their smartphone.”

While other apps simply allow users to capture, create and buy their own gear, Magic Moments-CafePress App takes this technology one step further. Now mobile entrepreneurs can enter the e-commerce marketplace quickly, easily and on-the-go. Our App enables users to turn that stunning landscape, memorable or trending moment into meaningful merchandise.

“We all use the cameras on our phones to capture and share special moments. This app enables people to turn those magic moments into amazing products and sell them in an unprecedented mobile marketplace for user generated products,” says Bob Marino, CEO at CafePress Inc. “This partnership provides unmatched print on demand services powered by cutting edge technology.”

If you’re interested in checking it out, Magic Moments powered by CafePress is available now for free in the iTunes App Store.