Cabela’s Counting on Mobile Marketing for ‘It’s In Your Nature’ Campaign

Earlier this week, Cabela’s excited investors when its shares spiked better than 10% after the company indicated that it expects to top Wall Street’s first-quarter estimates.

So far this year, things have been going exceptionally well for the outdoor retailer, which is using every available resource to promote its thriving brand – including mobile marketing.

No stranger to the channel, Cabela’s is once again building upon its success with mobile apps and mobile gift cards with a new effort aimed at our smartphones.

The company is pushing out a series of mobile advertisements as part of the new “It’s In Your Nature” national marketing campaign.

For now, interstitial ads from Cabela’s are being run within the Scramble with Friends iPhone app.

Although Cabela’s hasn’t offered public insight into its future plans or expectations with regard to mobile marketing, the company has a history of embracing mobile with a positive outcome. Two years ago, in fact, Cabela’s launched a mobile marketing program to promote the company’s 50th anniversary and “improve the overall customer experience with the brand.”