Bytemobile Report Shows Video Consuming Bulk of Wireless Data Traffic

According to a new report from Bytemobile, video content now accounts for approximately half of all data traffic on wireless networks.

During the third quarter of 2011, mobile video content consumed between 40 percent and 60 percent of wireless network data traffic.

Mobile web solutions provider Bytemobile finds in its report that consumer and subscriber demand for video continues to place the most strenuous tension on networks already burdened with bandwidth allocation pressures.

Bytemobile says that 17 percent of all laptop users consume video content on a daily basis, while 11 percent of iPhone owners and 7 percent of Android users do the same.

Mobile subscribers tend to consume their daily video content in one session, a reality that suggests users allot a determined chunk of time to watch their chosen mobile video content – content that usually includes multiple videos from different sources.

By comparison, mobile video subscribers typically consume upwards of 10 videos sequentially, with each segment spanning roughly 60 seconds in length.

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