Bye Bye Blackberry, Say iPhone Eager Smartphone Users

It’s more bad news for the BlackBerry smartphone and the folks at Research in Motion (RIM).

As if enough BlackBerry owners hadn’t already made the switch to Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android-based platform, it now looks as though another major exodus out of the BlackBerry world may be on the horizon.

Although a small, regionalized sample of smartphone users was used to conduct the study, the latest research into smartphone adoption spearheaded by Piper Jaffray further illustrates what appears to be a global trend: dump the BlackBerry for the iPhone.

An impressive 67% of BlackBerry owners surveyed by Piper Jaffray say they will jump ship and buy Apple’s touchscreen smartphone in the near future.

Just 26% of those surveyed plan to remain with the RIM-manufactured handset. Meanwhile, 42% of Android owners intend to stick with their preferred mobile operating system.

Proving the stellar user-loyalty among Apple fans, a staggering 94% of current iPhone owners indicate that their next smartphone purchase will once again be a next-generation iPhone.