BuzzBoard: Millions of US SMBs ‘Failing to Keep Pace with Digital Savvy Consumers’

BuzzBoard Millions of US SMBs 'Failing to Keep Pace with Digital Savvy Consumers'According to the findings of the latest BuzzBoard data, millions of small businesses are “stuck delivering their customers and prospects a web 1.0 experience.”

All told, the numbers are pretty scary.

Almost half of all small businesses – 47.3% – are not yet offering their customers or prospects a web experience that transcends the mobile device revolution.
“The implications for small businesses – their customers and the communities they operate in – are significant. Customers and prospects are using their mobile devices more and more to find, discover and purchase goods and services. The shopping experiences that the world’s largest eCommerce companies offer, e.g. Amazon, are defining the new standards that consumers expect. Unfortunately, small businesses who today only deliver a web 1.0 experience, will continue to fall behind and lose market share,” the report summary reads.

BuzzBoard’s Mobile Readiness Index (MRI) is a dynamic platform that analyzes the mobile readiness of 314 US cities and measures the readiness of local city businesses in attracting mobile-savvy consumers.

“It’s amazing to see how few small businesses are prepared for today’s mobile-first consumer,” said Greg Sterling, Local search expert and VP of Strategic Insights for the Local Search Association. “The BuzzBoard index is a comprehensive barometer of local ‘mobile readiness’ and stands as a call to action for communities across the US.”