Buy This Zip Code: CraveLabs Launches ‘DropIn’ Location Targeting to Help Local Businesses Reach Customers

Buy This Zip Code CraveLabs Launches ‘DropIn’ Location Targeting to Help Local Businesses Reach CustomersWant to buy a zip code?

Not just any zip code, mind you, but maybe the one your business depends on to prosper. It’s now possible, due to CraveLabs’ new version of its location-based mobile advertising software, DropIn Local Advertising.

“Recent studies show that consumers spend over three hours a day looking at their smartphones and tablets: playing games, shopping, and browsing the web,” the company says. “Despite this trend, over 90 percent of retail sales still occur in brick-and-mortar locations. These trends leave local merchants challenged to reach customers where their eyes are glued: to their mobile devices.”

DropIn’s offering “solves these issues with an easy-to-use product that is built primarily for the local advertiser, but is powerful enough to meet the needs of Fortune 500 retailer.”

In a word, the DropIn solution is all about helping local marketers bypass high costs as well as unnecessary complexity.

“Businesses can launch DropIn mobile ads in one zip code, or many zip codes, and reach thousands of their nearby consumers in custom-selected areas,” according to a provided statement from the company. “All of these features and more are available to small businesses for less than $2 a day.”

“CraveLabs released DropIn to give all businesses access to the powerful mobile advertising technology that we currently provide to large brands and retailers,” explained company cofounder, Jeff Christoforetti. “The latest release of our self-serve tool is a natural progression in CraveLabs’ mission to make the next wave of digital advertising simple and human-centered.”