Burger King Cooking Up Mobile Payments App

Burger King Cooking Up Mobile Payments AppOver the last year, many major fast food restaurants have rolled out mobile payment options. For those who have not yet done so, it is merely because they are still working out the details.

In a recent announcement, Burger King shared that they have selected PayPal as a payment processor for their mobile app. To confirm payment, a four digit pin is required.

The app will not only allow consumers to pay on their mobile devices, but will also offer exclusive discounts and general information such as nearby Burger King locations, menu, and nutritional information.

The Burger King app is expected to launch in the US before the end of the year. No word yet if the app will roll out to Burger King restaurants worldwide.

“We take a collaborative approach to payments – building relationships with merchants and other key industry players – which allows us to tap into our vast network to create the best experiences in-store, online or across platforms on mobile,” PayPal recently said on its blog. “Our open approach to payments allows us to build relationships with businesses to create industry-first experiences for more people faster.”