Building Useful Mobile Sites

One of the biggest keys to building a successful mobile website is creating something that people will want to use or at least find useful when they need it. In the course of searching for mobile sites to review I’ve found several sites that are practical and handy yet don’t really warrant a full scale site review.
This seems to be a site in progress with more coming soon, but what is here now is a list of all the poker hands, what cards comprise them and which hand beats which. I know all the true poker players out there are laughing out loud, but I think this is very helpful. The big problem with this site is that with the severely hyphenated URL it is not likely to be easily found via mobile search. Which is too bad because what Google served up when I searched for “poker hand ranks” from my Treo was not at all helpful (or mobile friendly).
If you need a vet in an emergency it would be good to find a site like this. However, they don’t have enough vets listed to make that part truly useful. What is good though is the Information section that lists the kinds of health issues that your pet might get encounter and for which you should seek veterinary care immediately. There is also a list of foods, plants and other things that are poisonous to pets.
On a very serious note, this site is extremely helpful with FAQs, defining date rape and all sorts of tips and information about what to do if you have been date raped. There is a good section about date rape drugs and how to tell if you have been drugged. I highly commend the Idea Earth folks for creating this public service site.
Forget having to go to the post office to look at the posters of the most wanted fugitives. You can see them and the details of why they are wanted right from the convenience of your mobile device. Plus there is a handy Click to Call option in case you should spot any of these guys (or the one gal).

The common thread in all these sites is that they provide information that someone would need while they are mobile. Of course there is not the level of detailed information that is found on a desktop sized site, but just the right amount for being read on the small screen of a mobile. Kudos to these sites for doing it right.