Build Your Own Mobile Search Page

If you have ever, like me, been disappointed in the search results you’ve found when seeking some crucial piece of information while mobile searching – you will want to try out FIRXT. It is a mobile portal that let’s you customize your own search engine page and save it as you have designed it.

FIRXT truly makes mobile searching fun, easy and actually helpful.

The original home page at contains 10 mobile search engines that you can use immediately. Google is at the top, followed by Yahoo! and so on. The starting off page is an Australian one (you can tell because it has the Australian National Public Toilet Map on the home page.) But the beauty of FIRXT is that you can move around the 10 listings, add new ones, delete ones you never use and then add to favorites a specific URL that is your unique FIRXT site.

The first step is to go to the footer, choose Portals and click on your geographic location. Then just go to the Customise this list link and you are on your way to designing a custom search page for yourself. To save your page the way you want it, just click on the Use this URL link and then Add to your Favorites on your mobile browser.

The next time you are searching for something, just head straight to your favorited FIRXT site and choose from there which mobile search engine you want. Your mobile search life will be so much better. You can search from one spot and if you don’t find what you need can move onto the next search engine quite easily.

Here is a FIRXT search portal I created. You’ll know you’re in the right place when Taptu and the Target store locator are at the top of the list.