Buffalo Wild Wings Goes Mobile with New iPad Experiment

Although the thought of combining sticky, barbeque sauce-covered fingers with a nice clean iPad screen is enough to make some tablet lovers cringe, Buffalo Wild Wings announced that it is expanding a tablet pilot program in the popular restaurant chain.

The program works just as you might expect that it would. Customers place orders for food and drinks via a resident iPad at their table.

Best of all, the company says, its iPads will be thoroughly protected in “rugged cases” designed by Hubworks.

With successful tests of the pilot program having been completed in Toronto, the company is expanding south and, presumably, across North America.

Tim Murphy, the director of international business for Buffalo Wild Wings, says the wing joint is “trying to use the technology to enhance customer experience. People are familiar with iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets, so this would enhance that.”

As of this writing, Buffalo Wild Wings has a total of 830 locations worldwide.

Would you be interested in ordering food and playing games at Buffalo Wild Wings via iPad? Please weigh in with you thoughts below.