Budweiser Put Forth Diverse Mobile Efforts in 2009

The marketing team at Budweiser can sit back, crack a cold one, and salute to what was a successful year of advertising for the brewer that introduced a wide range of mobile marketing tools to promote the iconic brand.

2009 saw Budweiser engaging in what could be considered an eclectic and versatile array of mobile marketing endeavors, particularly for a beer maker.

The past twelve months, however, illustrated the burgeoning efforts by large companies to expand their market posturing by reaching new audiences in new places, a situation made possible even when advertising dollars are scare in light of the emergent affordability of mobile marketing campaigns.

From running mobile ads for Bud Light on the Weather Channel’s mobile website to launching its own app, the success realized by Budweiser in 2009 has positioned the international brewer for even bigger endeavors in the mobile realm next year, especially during the summer. The majority of banners purchased by Budweiser on the Weather Channel’s mobile site, for example, directed users back to the Bud Light registry of summer hotspots, which denoted the nearest watering hole to “cool off with a Bud Light Lime.”

“We look for the best experience for both the user and the advertiser,” said Cameron Clayton, vice president of mobile for TWC Interactive. “First, be mindful that application users visit the apps frequently and the need to keep your creative fresh is very important to minimize message burnout. Bud Light did a great job in this respect by rotating in several sets of creative for two very different initiatives.”