Bubble Motion Awarded Patent For The Market’s First “VoiceSMS” Solution

Innovative mobile messaging provider Bubble Motion announced recently that it’s been awarded a patent for its unique VoiceSMS solution.  As the name implies, the new technology aims to go beyond the limitations of basic SMS.

The patent covers the ability for consumers to click, record and send voice-recorded messages to one or many recipients, all without needing to place an actual call.  “Like text messaging, voice SMS is a simple way to record and send messages, with the added benefits of authenticity, emotion, and nuance that can only be detected through actual human voice,” the company said in a release.

The technology has been a long time in the making, as the company originally filed for the patent in 2002 — which at the time was the first of its kind to be filed globally, well before other Voice SMS patents were subsequently filed with the US Patent Office.  “It’s extremely gratifying to be recognized for the years of R&D work that has gone on at Bubble Motion, in innovating in the mobile messaging space with our global engineering team,” said Tom Clayton, CEO of Bubble Motion.  “Our team has broken ground in so many areas, and being awarded the original Voice SMS patent adds to our strong hold across a broad set of mobile messaging intellectual property, positioning us for further evolution from here.”

The company is best known for its unique “BubbleBlog” platform that’s essentially like Twitter, but through voice.  The company coins themselves as a “global leader in the development of consumer social communications services for mobile phones,” with an emphasis on leveraging voice.  With a recent market emphasis on data-based communication, Bubble Motion aims to resurrect the power of voice on the mobile channel.  It should be interesting to see how brands leverage Voice SMS for marketing and advertising.