Broadcast Talent Flocks to Mobile

As we’ve seen, there has been no shortage of celebrities eager to put their name on mobile products or advertisements in hopes of inflating their fame and pocket books as the mobile industry expands as a whole. In recent months, however, we’ve also started to see in influx of established television and radio professionals leaving the mainstream broadcast world for the future of the mobile marketing world.

HipCricket has just announced that it has appointed a 30-year broadcast veteran (Kevin McCarthy) to lead the company’s broadcast sales efforts. McCarthy has worked for ABC, Clear Channel, Entercom and Jacor, among others, as a national sales manager, general sales manager, general manager and market manager.

“Kevin has been one of broadcasting’s stars for many years,” said HipCricket CEO Ivan Braiker, who spent more than three decades in radio. “He shares our vision of working with broadcasting’s trailblazers to reinvent radio and provide new revenue and customer loyalty solutions for both radio and television stations.”