Broadcast Brand Awareness Lacking Among Millennial Audiences

A new report from Anatomy reveals that young viewers are largely unable to identify the networks behind programs, even when they watch those programs.

“The Young and The Brandless” report provides an in-depth look at the media consumption, content discovery habits, and network brand recognition capabilities of young (18-26) adults.

“Based on a comprehensive survey of over 3,100 young millennials and an analysis of screen based consumer touchpoints, the report examines how these three behaviors are linked and the impact they have on both broadcast and over the top (OTT) networks,” noted Anatomy.

Building awareness of the network brand behind programming is extremely important to both broadcast and OTT networks, but those networks are finding this increasingly difficult.

“Young millennials who watch primarily on TV sets are, on average, better than desktop and mobile viewers at connecting broadcast program brands to network brands,” suggests the report. “The cause for concern for broadcast networks is, however, that 50 percent of young millennials watch exclusively on desktop or mobile devices.”

“What is interesting is that while networks consistently indicate that the viewer is at the center of their thinking, they don’t seem to actually analyze how users truly behave,” said Gabriella Mirabelli, Anatomy CEO. “We have learned that on-air promotion is still the most effective means of building brand awareness between a broadcast network’s programming and their brand. As for OTT – outside of Netflix – there is also work to be done as their promotional efforts need to be more precise in order to be effective.”

Highlights of this report on key millennial viewership trends include:

  • The most common way for young millennials to consume television content (71 percent) is OTT platforms with one in two watching entertainment exclusively on desktop or mobile devices.
  • 58 percent of young millennials learn of new programming directly through friends and family or on social media and are less likely to recall advertising as a consequential factor in discovering new TV programs.
  • Netflix yielded the highest brand awareness scores in comparison to other OTT platforms and broadcast networks.
  • Amazon programs were only linked with Amazon 20 percent of the time and Hulu came in at just 15 percent.

You can download the complete 2017 “The Young and The Brandless” report here.