British Prove Most Loyal and Receptive to Mobile Ads

InMobi is once again making headlines this week, but this time it’s in response to the firm’s findings on mobile practices and consumer tendencies across the pond.

The latest data from InMobi, which was analyzed by Econsultancy this week, suggests that over two-thirds of UK mobile owners have used mCommerce in some form.

Of those yet to use m-commerce, 45% expect to do so within the next 12 months. Looking at what mobile users have purchased; 47% bought digital goods, 34% purchased physical goods, 26% settled a bill and 21% paid for services.

InMobi says that “archaic perceptions of mobile advertising being intrusive are long gone”

And the evidence of that suspicion is everywhere. In fact, InMobi discovered that 48 percent British mobile users admit that mobile ads help them determine which purchases to make.

To check out more of the data presented in the UK Mobile Media Consumption Report for Q2 2012, click here.