Brilliant Mobile Campaign Using Twitter, QR Codes and Viral Marketing

Brilliant Mobile Campaign Using Twitter, QR Codes and Viral MarketingI’m always on the look out for new and innovative approaches to mobile marketing, and one such example caught my eye recently in regards to a mobile campaign sponsored by Editoras Online, the Brazilian equivalent of

In an attempt to draw offline interest to their online store, Editoras incorporated a “guerrilla” marketing strategy that included the use of 4,000 QR code stickers that were placed at various locations around Sao Paulo.  Mobile users who participated quickly discovered that each QR code redirected them to select Twitter messages-  and here’s where it gets interesting.

Each Twitter message related to either “love” or “hate,” and refreshed every seven days throughout the campaign.  The result of this strategy was that Editoras was able to produce a 200+ page so-called “living book” that was made up entirely of QR codes and messages from Twitter feeds.  To bring it all together, each message also included a call-to-action that ultimately drove users to the Editoras website.  Beyond driving an insane amount of traffic to their Online store, Editoras generated so much buzz with its unique guerrilla marketing campaign that copies of their “living book” sold out in less than a week.

The ROI experienced on behalf of Editoras was off the charts, and they fully deserve to reap the benefits of creating such a unique and innovative campaign.  This just proves further that thinking outside the box, even using a marketing medium that’s still in its infancy, can pay off big time.  Check out a video that chronicles how the campaign came together and what exactly the “living book” amounted to.