BrightTALK Highlights Marketing Automation Growth at 2.0 Summit

Marketing Automation 2.0 SummitLast week, BrightTALK, a marketing platform that aims to accelerate B2B professional growth through videos and webinars, hosted the Marketing Automation 2.0 Summit which highlighted the mammoth and surging growth of the marketing automation market.

The variety of marketing automation solutions on the market today makes this sophisticated software readily available to companies of all sizes and revenues, the company said in a provided statement. Marketers are challenged to use these tools to generate new customers, pipeline, and revenue.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to select and implement the right one.

Consequently, The Marketing Automation 2.0 Summit was held to assist marketers with a complete picture of the marketing automation journey, from choosing a vendor to optimizing program performance.

“As marketing automation has become more mature and more companies are using it, they’re beginning to realize that just because you ‘can’ automate something, doesn’t mean that you should,” said Jason Stewart, VP of Strategy at ANNUITAS and a speaker at the summit.

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