Brexit Brings Out the Creative Kings of Mobile and Ecommerce

sidebarOn Friday, British voters blazed a bold and globe-shaking path toward freedom and independence from the European Union by opting to exit the EU.

But the Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union has done more than just rattle financial markets the world over. It has also engendered a sleepless night for the creative and entrepreneurial kings of ecommerce, who are now capitalizing on the BREXIT fever.

“We’ve seen crushing demands for British independence and Brexit t-shirts and hats and coffee mugs,” says Scott Henders of SEPublishing, which creates and distributes high-quality topical and pop culture focused apparel to the world’s largest eCommerce outlets.

This morning, in fact, some of the hottest new t-shirts to spring up on Amazon are related to Brexit. And people around the world are rushing to grab their piece of history.

“For the global economy, the Brexit vote is extremely consequential,” Henders tells MMW. “But for the T-Shirt business, it’s a glorious morning. These won’t be around forever. So collectors and British freedom enthusiasts are grabbing them while they still can.”

To check out some of the hottest Brexit shirts on Amazon right now, take a gander below.

BREXIT political t-shirt for the United Kingdom EU Brexit


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BREXIT: UK Exits EU (Our Bloody Decision) British t-shirt

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